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Chinese Mail Order Brides — Dating & Marriage Secrets For Western Men

Chinese Mail Order Brides — Dating & Marriage Secrets For Western Men

Almost every man in the world has heard at least once about the amazing beauty and attractiveness of Chinese women for marriage. But not only their beauty makes them so special and desirable. It is also their demeanor, fragility, and philosophy of their culture that is in their genes that make them one of the most interesting women to date.

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The number of Chinese-foreign marriages has grown rapidly over the last decade, and more and more men are dreaming of finding love in China. Fortunately, today every single person has a chance to find love with the help of order bride services. But what makes Chinese brides so desirable and special among the male population of western countries? What character traits distinguish them from all women in the world and make them amazing wives? Let’s find it out!

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Modern Chinese mail order bride sites are a very effective way to meet stunning women from China. But such relationships come with certain expenses that you need to be aware of. To help you prepare for your international relationship, we gathered an estimate of the average Chinese mail order brides cost and a detailed explanation of everything that comes into it.

Dating site expenses

The first component of the Chinese mail order brides pricing is the cost of specialized dating website services. Most of the mail order bride sites are credit-based with the average cost of credits (the prices are taken from the AsiaMe website):

  • $3.992 credits (first payment)
  • $9.9920 credits (next payments)
  • $9616 credits
  • $399100 credits

And services are usually reasonably priced. For example, you can use chat for 2 credits/minute and send a mail for 10 credits.

Travel expenses

Here are common travel expenses that you may have traveling to China to see your gorgeous Chinese bride:

  1. Round-trip ticket (New York, the USA–Beijing, China)—around $3,343
  2. Accommodation—around $61
  3. Food—around $20
  4. Transportation—around $14
  5. Entertainment—around $15

So, the total cost for one person per two weeks in China is around $4,900.

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Additional expenses

But the cost of online dating and travel expenses are not everything that makes a cost of a bride from China. You need also keep in mind:

  • Presents. Small gifts and flowers vary in price. For example, the cost of a bouquet is around $50. 
  • Bureaucratic charges. To bring your beautiful Chinese fiancee to the US you’ll need to obtain a K1 visa, which includes such fees: $535 of USCIS Filing Fee, $265 of Embassy Fee and $120 of Affidavit of Support Review.
  • Translator. If your bride doesn’t speak English you may also need to hire an interpreter, which is around $35-60 per hour.

Note that the final sum may vary depending on the particular dating site you choose, your budget, and your personal travel style.

Why do Chinese brides make good wives?

Their elegance is exceptional

Long and thick black hair, delicate and thin figures, graceful facial features, and silky skin — these are the first features men notice when they meet a Chinese wife. Their every movement is elegant, and they skillfully emphasize their beauty with make-up and clothes. They are very stylish and always try to look their best. Chinese wives take great care of their appearance and pay special attention to the beauty of their skin. No wonder why these women have already driven thousands of men around the world crazy.

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They are able to find a perfect balance between work and family

Family is a top priority for Chinese mail order brides; they learn to be both wonderful wives and loving mothers from early childhood. They do household chores perfectly and can make any home a cozy place in seconds. Although a man is traditionally the main breadwinner in the family, with a Chinese bride, you can always count on your woman’s support if you experience any troubles with work or delays with salary, and that’s the same typical Syrian wife would do. Chinese mail order wives are very hard-working, and they are masters of finding a perfect balance between work and personal life.

They are smart and intelligent

According to statistics, almost 52% of Chinese graduates from tertiary education were females. Education, career, and personal achievements play a vital role in the life of every young. From an early age, they spend a lot of time both learning and self-developing. Besides, you’ll find Thai wives with the same position to life. They are fascinating personalities and people of many talents — from playing piano to sports, depending on their interests. You certainly will not get bored with such a woman.

They care a lot about the atmosphere at home

Chinese girls for marriage are very calm and patient, and it is usually a woman in a Chinese family who tries to find a compromise in a controversial situation. With Chinese women, you can forget about any pointless scandals and quarrels. Moreover, these girls value their partner’s personal space and their personal interests. With such a girl, it will be easy to achieve success both personal and career; she will always try to understand you and support you.

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How to win the heart of Chinese mail order wife?

The society in China has changed dramatically for several previous decades, and women have become more tolerant and open to interracial relationships. They happily greet the foreigners, and the idea of ​​meeting and marrying a foreign man is becoming more and more acceptable in China, not saying about that statement “Filipino brides for sale” isn’t scary anymore.

So, what you should know before dreaming of dating a Chinese mail order wife? Are there any special rules to follow or things to remember? Let’s talk about it.

  • Although these women seem cold at first glance, they are very friendly and hospitable. It is easy enough to start a conversation with her and invite her on a date. Chinese brides are curious and are very adventurous, so considering to have a journey together will be the perfect way to surprise your Chinese date.
  • They adore men who aren’t afraid of expressing their feelings. So, telling more compliments and getting her a bouquet of fresh flowers or a cute gift will definitely help you melt the heart of your Chinese partner.
  • Chinese ladies are very positive and have a good sense of humor, so a funny story will be a great addition to a first date. By the way, Cambodian girls love it! You can learn more about Cambodian mail order brides in one of our articles.
  • Chinese girls find confident and reliable men very attractive, so do not be afraid to tell her more about your personal achievements, career, and plans. But don’t pretend to be someone you aren’t.
  • If you want to show your woman that you are really interested in her, it would be a good idea to learn more about Chinese culture or even learn some phrases in her native language. But be careful: Chinese is a very tricky language.

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To sum up

Chinese wives are really very special. If you have a Chinese girlfriend, you can expect her to support you no matter what and never complain about problems. She will be the first to care about you. So do not hesitate to find your ideal Chinese soulmate today.

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