Home Indonesian Mail Order Brides Pricing—Get The Best Bride Cost

Indonesian Mail Order Brides Pricing—Get The Best Bride Cost

Indonesian Mail Order Brides Pricing—Get The Best Bride Cost

Indonesia is a beautiful country and a big republic consisting of thousands of islands that create an interesting mix of different cultures and religions. But the best diversity is seen in the modern Indonesian girls for marriage, who have natural beauty, traditional values, and smart minds — no wonder why they make such amazing wives. Today, we are going to cover all the reasons why Indonesian brides are a dream of so many men.

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Getting a bride overseas is not free. Even though you are not paying for an actual Indonesian woman to be shipped to your doorstep, there are different factors of Indonesian mail order brides cost. Explore all the components of it and learn how to get the best value for the buck.

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Dating services

If you choose to look for a potential bride online, the unavoidable part of your Indonesian mail order brides pricing will be the cost of dating services. The average credit price is as follows:

  • $3.99—20 credits (first payment)
  • $9.99—20 credits (2nd and next payments)
  • $96—16 credits
  • $399—100 credits

For example, for a minute of chatting with a gorgeous Indonesian bride is only 2 credits, and sending a photo is 10 credits. With pay-to-use dating sites you don’t have a fixed membership fee but pay only for what you actually use. There are usually free promo deals for new users like 20 credits after registration or 10 extra credits for an email confirmation.

Travel expenses

Visiting your future wife in her hometown also comes with expenses. We gathered all the main ones for you:

  1. Round-trip ticket (New York, the USA–Denpasar, Indonesia)—around $1,233
  2. Accommodation—around $55
  3. Food—around $14
  4. Transportation—around $6.64
  5. Entertainment—around $8.67

So, the total cost for two weeks in Indonesia for one person is around $2,414.

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Additional expenses

As the cost of Indonesian brides is highly variable, here are some factors that may influence it and additional expenses they bring.

  • Presents. Long-distance relationship as a regular one comes with small gifts and flowers. The average cost of a bouquet is around $25.
  • Travel style. If you choose to fly in business class or live in more luxurious hotels, the cost of a bride will grow.
  • Bureaucratic charges. To bring your fiancee to the US you’ll need a K1 visa, which requires payment of such fees: $535 of USCIS Filing Fee, $265 of Embassy Fee, and $120.00 of Affidavit of Support Fee.

But regardless of the final sun, your stunning Indonesian wife is worth every penny you spend on her.

Why choose Indonesian girls for marriage?

  • Attractive — Indonesian brides are blessed with natural beauty, which is the number one reason for their popularity among men. No secret that men fall in love with the look first, and Indonesian mail order brides have exquisite beauty to offer. The typical girl from Indonesia has caramel-tone skin, dark hair, and even darker eyes. She also tends to be very feminine, which only accentuates her petite body.
  • Loyal — Those ladies take relationships very seriously, so if you are up to a fling, then you chose the wrong girl. When an Indonesian wife loves, she is full of respect for her partner and has a high sense of loyalty and devotion. Such traits are what many men seek in their wives, and Chinese wives share same views.
  • Modest — Modesty is praised in Indonesia. Since childhood, women are taught to behave appropriately within the mores of their culture. That is why you should be prepared that she may be quite shy.
  • Patient — Knowing how to be patient is a real strength of an Indonesian mail order wife. She seems to know when it is time not to push too hard and wait for the right moment to approach something bothering her.
  • Positive — Single ladies in Indonesia are a delight to be around as they just radiate positivity. It is inbound in their natures and bubbly personalities, which make them a real catch.

Those are only some reasons why Indonesian women for marriage are worth your attention. Continue reading to explore the secrets of their mentality and culture.

What is the national character of Indonesian mail order wife?

The place where we grow up leaves an imprint in our souls, on the way we live, build a family, and generally see the world. Indonesian ladies are no exception and are also strongly influenced by their society and religion. The last one has the biggest power over women in the country. As Indonesia is the largest Muslim-majority country globally, there were around 1.97 million Muslim marriages in 2019. And part of those marriages is made at a very young age (eligible marriage age for women is 16 years).

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Besides, multiculturalism also plays a big part in the creation of the national character of Indonesian people.

Indonesians are indirect and courteous

As the Republic is also the biggest archipelago, consisting of over 17,500 islands, there is a huge mix of beliefs and traditions. The Philippines is fruitfull for exotic traditions, too. Some of them you can read in post regarding Filipino mail order brides. And one of those beliefs is harmony, which is actually philosophy in Indonesia and a crucial element of the culture. Thus, the Indonesians have a predisposition to be indirect, gentle, and courteous — even if they disagree with what you say.

Indonesian brides enjoy affection

Indonesian girls for marriage here are very gracious who enjoy affection, and have a desire to please. They always try hard to be in good manners, help others and be the light to everyone.

Family bond is strong

No matter how old or independent they are, Indonesians are always close to their family. They tend to see it as an essential thing in life. That is why gorgeous Indonesian wife keep tight relationships with family members, which sometimes results in living in the extended family. And it isn’t necessarily a sign of dependency, but a sign of core values and national principles.

Where can I find Indonesian brides?

Indonesia is always a great destination to go on vacation, so traveling to the republic itself is the first way that probably crosses your mind. But even if meeting your destiny by chance is quite a romantic prospect, there is a much easier and less time-consuming way — online dating. Having a long-distance romance seems to be a real trend right now, as meeting someone worthy IRL is getting harder with all that constant lockdown, especially when you’ve decided to meet Syrian bride.

Why is online dating the best way to find an Indonesian wife?

The popularity of having an international relationship is continually growing. There is a reason why researchers predict online dating to hit 441.8 m by 2024. And it lies in the accessibility of it. You don’t need to go anywhere or spend a fortune. You can just find a reliable dating site, enter some preference and voila, a pool of gorgeous Indonesian mail order brides waiting for you online. Many women there have different aims, as for example, Japanese looking for marriage.

The great thing is that usually, international dating platforms are run by professionals that provide everything for comfortable and effective communication and advice and tips. And besides, using a dating site is way less expensive than a trip to Indonesia.

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The verdict

Indonesian women for marriage are indeed stunning and kind. They can become a loyal and loving partner to the men they fall in love with. Besides, meeting them becomes really easy with the number of dating services. That’s why our verdict is clear — it’s definitely worth a shot, as your love can be just a few clicks away!

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