Home Rundown Of All Components Of Japanese Mail Order Brides Cost

Rundown Of All Components Of Japanese Mail Order Brides Cost

Rundown Of All Components Of Japanese Mail Order Brides Cost

Japanese brides are well-known heart-stealers as men worldwide are always showing interest in their stunning gorgeous Eastern beauty. That is why Asian dating sites are trendy, and all Western singles want to try their luck in finding Japanese wife online. If you are also interested in connecting your life with gorgeous Japanese females, we have valuable information to share. It will help you know what to expect from Japanese dating.

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The average Japanese mail order brides cost is not one sum that fits all. It consists of different fixed and variable expenses of your long-distance relationship. But note that you are not paying for a woman but just for communication, traveling, and other related costs. Exploring all of the components of the price and things that can influence it will help you to budget properly.

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Fixed expenses

Traveling costs are a relatively fixed cost of Japanese mail order brides pricing. You should expect to pay for:

  1. Round-trip ticket (New York, the USA–Tokyo, Japan)—around $1,081
  2. Accommodation—around $128
  3. Food—around $31
  4. Transportation—around $21
  5. Entertainment—around $20

All in all a two-week trip to Japan for one person is around $3,831. Also, another fixed expense is bureaucratic charges for the visa you need for your foreign bride. For example, if you choose to marry in the US you’ll need a K1 visa that includes:

  1. USCIS Filing Fee—$535.
  2. Embassy Fee—$265.
  3. Affidavit of Support Fee—$120.

And usually, a man pays for his fiancee’s traveling expenses.

Variable expenses

Depending on your choice of dating site the cost of online dating might vary. Most of the mail order bride sites run on a credit system with an average credit price range of:

  • $3.99 for 20 credits (first payment)
  • $9.99 for 20 credits (for the second and next payments)
  • $96 for 16 credits
  • $399 for 100 credits

As there is no membership fee, you are the one to control the number of your spendings. Other variable expenses include:

  • Presents/Flowers. Starts from $50 for a bouquet of roses.
  • Dates. Around 6,805 yen ($60).
  • Translator services. Around $35-60 per hour.

With so many variable expenses it’s hard to estimate an exact Japanese bride cost, but knowing all of the main expenses, you can calculate yours.

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Why Japanese women become mail order brides?

First of all, let’s start with a little terminology catch-up. A mail order bride is a single girl with a profile on one of the dating sites or agencies. The concept goes back to the early settlers of North America, where men used to write to Europe to find a wife. But when you see modern Japanese women for marriage that are gorgeous and kind, you can only wonder why they need to use such platforms at all.

To understand why lovely Japanese girls decide to become mail order brides, we need to clear out the common misconceptions. Girls don’t sign up for specialized platforms to look for a better life or find a sugar daddy. And it’s not like you’re buying a Cambodia bride, because she’s located in restricted place. The main reason for them is that, despite the huge economic progress in their country, Japanese wives are still treated as husband’s property and not equal. And no woman deserves to be treated in such a way! That pushes these stunning beauties to be active and seek love abroad.

What is so special about Japanese brides?

If you are wondering why so many men are crazy to have a Japanese mail order wife, here are three main factors for such desire:

  1. Beauty — Japanese beauty is the most unique and distinctive among Asians and women all over the world. It is naturally very attractive and easy-recognizable. Just google Nanako Matsushima or Meisa Kuroki and get the idea of how incredible Japanese ladies are, and you’ll get why men want to have such a hottie in their life.
  2. Value family — Creating a family is the number one reason people are using online marriage services to look for a partner. A typical Japanese wife usually sees family as an essential part of life. Like many Filipino girls for marriage, they tend to be wide and supportive wives and caring mothers, which are other reasons why singles desire to meet them.
  3. Humble — Growing up in traditional beliefs, Japanese mail order brides are used to being modest and not excessive. They value what they have, and their happiness level can’t be measured only in dollar bills.

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How can I find Japanese girls for marriage?

Can’t wait to meet your potential Japanese girlfriend? Then the best way is to register on a professional dating site. There are both international platforms available where you can find women from all over the world and specialized sites for girls of a specific nationality or region, whether you’re looking for Chinese mail order brides, or any other Asian country. Choose what works better for you, but make sure that the site you choose is reliable and covers all your needs.

Japanese mail order brides dating secrets

Dating in Japan differs from the western one. And regardless if you start your love journey online or IRL, here are some Japanese dating rules that you need to know beforehand.

  • Japanese people value their traditions. As a rule, the dating process is more complicated and formal if compared to the Western one. There are a bunch of rules that you will need to follow.
  • Relationships are not fast to develop. The slow pace is standard because most amazing Japanese brides are looking for serious commitment and marriage. They want to find a boyfriend or husband online and not a fling or something casual.
  • Moving to phone calls is not that easy. Mail order brides from Japan tend to be well-educated, and they usually claim to speak good English. But that is not entirely true, as a rule, they can write and read decently, but they talk “Janglish” that is very hard to understand over the phone.

Japanese wedding traditions

For some couples, online long-distance relationships may develop to IRL one and then marriage. Here is everything that you need to know about weddings in Japan.

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First of all, a wedding ceremony in Japan is a sacred ritual of joining two people and their families. Modern Japanese ceremonies are usually Shinto-style, performed by a Shinto priest and held at a shrine. It tends to be very formal and private the same it values in Syria. If you’d like to know more, learn about Syrian brides in this post. And here are three key traditions of Japanese wedding:


It differs from a traditional western one, as couples exchange lucky objects. These can include:

  • Suehiro (Japanese fan) — for happiness
  • Katsuobushi (preserved or dried foods) — for a long-lasting union
  • Kinpo-zutsumi (a special amount of money)
  • Tomoshiraga (linen thread) — for strong ties in the marriage

Nuptial cups

A traditional Japanese wedding attribute that is used in the Three-by-Three exchange ritual, following the wedding vows. Drinking from the same cup during the ritual symbolizes a union of souls and the sealing of an eternal oath.

  • Small Cup = past
  • Medium Cup = present
  • Large Cup = future

Sacred Leaf

The offering of a sacred tree branch, the Sakaki, made from a zigzag-shaped paper streamer. The holy tree remains lush and green the whole year-round. That’s why the ritual symbolizes the pure sincerity of feelings.

All wedding traditions have strong symbolic meaning, and Japanese brides tend to incorporate them into their wedding even if it is an international marriage not held at home.

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Stunning Japanese wives are unique, elegant, feminine and worth looking for. They can make a man truly happy. Besides, they are quite into western men, so your chances on dating sites are sky-high.

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