Home Korean Mail Order Brides — Dating & Marriage Secrets For Western Men

Korean Mail Order Brides — Dating & Marriage Secrets For Western Men

Korean Mail Order Brides — Dating & Marriage Secrets For Western Men

Korea is a fascinating country that has many reasons why people fall in love with it. You may enjoy the Korean music scene, fashion, or cuisine. However, none of those things will be ever as appealing as Korean brides. Find out who they are and how to get on their level from our guide!

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Modern Korean mail order bride sites are a great way to meet many gorgeous ladies that are also looking for a husband. But such relationships require expenses that differ from the ones you used to have during local dating. That is why it’s very important to explore real Korean mail order brides cost before starting your love search.

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Dating site costs

First of all, let’s make it clear that you are not actually buying a woman. A bride’s price means dating and other related expenses. One of the first ones you’ll face is the cost of online dating. Some mail-order sites have different types of membership, while the majority run on a credit basis. The average cost of credits on the AsiaMe dating platformone of the most used by singles interested in international datingis:

  • $3.992 credits (first payment)
  • $9.9920 credits (for the second and next payments)
  • $9616 credits
  • $399100 credits

To chat with your stunning Korean bride you need only 2 credits and to send a love letter 10 credits. Note that Korean mail order brides pricing may vary depending on what dating site you decide to join.

Traveling expenses

Traveling costs are another big chunk of your Korean bride budget. Here are all the main categories and estimates for them:

  1. Round-trip ticket (New York, the USA–Seoul, South Korea)—$833
  2. Accommodation—$91
  3. Food—$26
  4. Transportation—$15
  5. Entertainment—$24

So, the total cost for two weeks in South Korea for one person is around $3,017.

Additional costs

Moreover, you may also need to plan for some extra expenses like small gifts, vacations together, and flowers. Depending on your traveling style and the money you are willing to spend, the numbers can be very different. But also there may be some fixed charges, like K1 visa fees:

  • $535 of USCIS Filing Fee
  • $265 of Embassy Fee 
  • $120 of Affidavit of Support Review

As you see, many factors contribute to the price of Korean mail order brides and a lot of them are variable. But that is actually a great thing as you can tailor the final cost to your budget.

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3 most irresistible qualities of Korean brides

If you came here to find out more about Korean women for marriage, you probably already have an attraction to them and want to explore it further. These are the three things men often name as the most seductive traits of Korean females.

Visual appeal

Korean women are beautiful, and that’s just a fact. Their porcelain skin, rosy cheeks, silky black hair, and petite figures have driven men crazy for centuries. Korean girls are not only naturally beautiful, but also know how to make themselves look even more striking, and Japanese women for marriage have the same thoughts.

Fabulous personality

You can spend ages with a Korean girlfriend and never once get tired of her bubbly, addictive personality. Korean women grow up in a completely different environment than you do, but that’s exactly what makes them so interesting and makes you instantly fall for them.

Romantic nature

Korean women live for love. They are not promiscuous or only interested in romantic conquests. They want loving, romantic relationships that last forever and make both parties happy every day. A Korean wife is perhaps the most romantic partner you can ever have.

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Why do Korean mail order brides want to marry Western men?

Mail order brides are often imagined as a prerogative of developing countries where women simply want to improve their quality of living. This is not something you can say about Korea and its women, so what is it that inspires Korean mail order wives to search for foreign husbands? The truth is that females from Korea, like Pakistani mail order brides, are not fully satisfied with the attitude towards women in their home country, as well as the family values of Korean men. Korean guys are often more focused on work than family and relationships. Women are often seen as inferior creatures in Korean society despite all the progress the country has made. These are the two most common reasons why Korean girls seek foreign guys to date and marry.

Top 3 misconceptions about Korean wife

Korea and its women are somewhat exotic for Western men, which lead to several misconceptions forming about Korean brides. Here are the three things you can often hear about Korean females, but they are not true at all.

  • Korean girls are too naive. The style and culture of Koreans may seem slightly childish, but this is not what Korean women are actually like. As many Filipina brides, they use childlike behavior and style as a way to live their lives in a fun way, but in reality, Korean bombshells are every bit as serious and ambitious as you are.
  • Korean beauties are too focused on work. Korea’s economic success was heavily contributed to by Korean women who worked extra hard. They kept the same hard-working attitude until these days, and in general, Korean wives work more than most females in the world. However, they also have the right priorities and will never choose work over love and family.
  • Korean ladies find it difficult to adapt to new living conditions. They are not the most traveled women in the world, and they are very happy with living in their home country. However, don’t take it as a sign that Korean women cannot imagine living abroad. When there is true love and desire to be together, a Korean bride will easily get used to her new environment.

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Dating Korean girls for marriage: 5 tips to keep in mind

Beginning a relationship with a foreign woman can seem intimidating, but if your desire to date Korean beauty is bigger than your uncertainty, here are 5 tips that will help you make your relationship succeed.

  • Share the initiative. You may be the one to approach your Korean mail order wife, but you should allow her to offer her own date ideas or let her call you first. Keep it in mind, if you’ll be about finding a Chinese wife.
  • Don’t act too arrogant. Korean girls love the confidence of arrogant men, but they hate it when this confidence turns into arrogance, self-absorption, or bragging.
  • Find a common ground. While dating Korean women for marriage, don’t focus on your differences and find some shared interests and views instead.
  • Anniversaries and tokens of attention are important. Celebrating anniversaries and small but cute gifts are essential for keeping your Korean girlfriend happy.
  • Don’t stay at the dating stage forever. A Korean woman may happily date someone for years when she’s in her late teens or early twenties, but the older she gets, the more substance and direction she needs in a relationship.

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To sum up

Korean wives have enough charm, beauty, and intelligence to captivate you from the first sight and make you want to experience it every day for the rest of your life. Don’t deny yourself the pleasure of being with a beautiful Korean woman — find your own Korean bride today and watch your relationship blossom!

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