Home Pakistani Mail Order Brides Cost—How Much Is A Pakistani Girl For Marriage?

Pakistani Mail Order Brides Cost—How Much Is A Pakistani Girl For Marriage?

Pakistani Mail Order Brides Cost—How Much Is A Pakistani Girl For Marriage?

Stunning Pakistani women for marriage are blessed with natural beauty, kind character, and incredible loyalty to the people they love. Even though they live in a male-dominated society, dating sites and apps are challenging norms and allowing women to take more control over their love life.

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Being financially prepared for international relationships is a clever move if you don’t want to be caught by unexpected fees. But first of all, it’s important to mention that Pakistani brides cost is not a price for a woman, but all dating, travel, and other related expenses. Let’s explore what comes into Pakistani wife price and how much you need for each category.

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Dating website expenses

The first part of the usual Pakistani mail order brides pricing is dating site fees. As most of the mail order bride platforms are credit-based the cost will consist of credits that you use on communication and other services. The current average pricing is as follows:

  • $3.99—2 credits (first payment)
  • $9.99—20 credits (for the 2nd and next payments)
  • $96—16 credits
  • $399—100 credits

And to see it in perspective, for just 2 credits per minute you can chat with a Pakistani girl. And to write a love letter you need 10 credits.

Traveling expenses

Another big part of the bride’s cost is plane tickets and living expenses abroad when you come to visit your future wife. Here are all the main things that you can expect to pay for:

  1. Round-trip ticket (New York, the USA–Karachi, Pakistan)—around $760
  2. Accommodation—around $62
  3. Food—around $17
  4. Transportation—around $9.96
  5. Entertainment—around $7.27

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So, the total cost for a two-week trip for one in Pakistan is around $2,107. But if you want to get the best cost of a Pakistani bride we recommend monitoring flights to get the best round trip tickets.

Moreover, Pakistani mail order brides cost also include additional expenses like the cost of presents or bureaucratic charges, that many forget to budget for. For example, to get your fiance to the US you need to obtain a K1 visa, which comes with such fees:

  1. USCIS Filing Fee—$535.
  2. Embassy Fee—$265.
  3. Affidavit of Support Fee—$120.

All the fees sum up to $920 of fixed K1 visa fees. Note that a man is also usually expected to cover travel expenses for his future wife.

Why Pakistani girls become mail order brides?

Based on the research article, we can single out some central issues in Pakistani society that make stunning Pakistani brides become mail order brides.

  • Limitation of women’s rights — Girls in Pakistan are still facing a lack of rights as they are not considered individuals. Traditionally women are daughters, sisters, wives, or mothers. They are not seen as equal, making them want to seek a better life and proper treatment abroad as Filipino mail brides do.
  • Restrictions in clothes — According to Muslim tradition, Pakistani girls for marriage have to cover themselves from head to toe. Some women accept that and obey it as to religious traditions. However, others consider it to be outdated and very restrictive.
  • No grooming — Those ladies have incredible natural beauty, which is very restricted by societal norms. Pakistani mail order wife is not allowed to groom under the fear that men might get attracted. If she does so, it will be considered immoral.
  • Social pressure to marry at a young age — Early marriages are the norm in Pakistan. Girls are getting married at a very young age, and society pressures them to do so under the pretext that reproductive role is easier at a younger age.

Striving to get rid of many limitations and taking their love life into their own hands makes lovely women from Pakistan use online dating and matchmaking services. So, it’s no wonder that find Chinese wife is not that hard.

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What are Pakistani brides like?

There is no universal traits formula that can cover the national character and all peculiarities of Pakistani ladies. But we gathered the most common ones to help you get the general idea of what a Pakistani mail order bride is like.

Natural beauty

Even though Pakistani wife is restricted to make alterations to their appearance, that is not a big problem for her. Each girl from this country is blessed with perfect beauty genes, making her flawless.


The truth is that Pakistani wives tend to be dependent on the male members of their family and further on their partners more than women in western societies. That is the direct influence of predominantly only taking care of the household and kids.


Those beauties have so much love in their heart, and they always share it with their partner and family. Pakistani brides know how to surround the people they care about with attention and nourishment, and Japanese mail order bride has common traits.

5 secrets of Pakistani mail order wife dating

Dating in Pakistan is different from the western one, as Pakistani and Western societies are almost polar opposite. But as you know, opposites attract, which is why your international dating could work if you want it to. Here are some secrets to building a happy relationship:

  1. Be honest — Honesty is something that goes both ways, and it should be in the core of every relationship. And especially dating a Pakistani brides, you need to be upfront, sincere in your intentions and genuine in your feelings to make it work. Besides, the biggest thing that those ladies can’t stand is double standards of dating, explaining that married men on dating apps often use their ‘broken’ marriage as an excuse to date other women.
  2. Take a slower pace — As traditional dating is kind of non-existent in conservative Pakistani society, you need to understand that all of that is very new to your girl. That is why it is better to take a slow pace. However, don’t be too slow. Otherwise, your Pakistani beauty will think that you are just not interested.
  3. Respect her culture — The culture of Pakistan is undoubtedly unique, and it is something that you need to explore if you see yourself connecting your life with a Pakistani woman, or with Turkish girls looking for marriage. Don’t be shy to ask your girl about traditions and customs, she will only appreciate your genuine curiosity. Besides, when you create a family together, you’ll need to work on a perfect mix of cultures for your kids to find a combination for both of you.
  4. Don’t try to change her — Beautiful Pakistani women are not like western girls, nor they want to be like them. That is why it is very important to respect that and not try to make them something they are not. Better discuss issues that you have or things you don’t understand before they grow into something they shouldn’t.
  5. Make sure that she knows about your serious intentions — Casual relationships or one night stands are not a thing for Pakistani mail order brides. They take relationships very seriously and won’t be with someone who doesn’t share such beliefs. That’s why make sure to talk about how you see your future together and be honest about it.

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Bottom line

With their humbleness and smoking-hot appearance, gorgeous Pakistani wife is the dream of many men. Thankfully, it can become a reality for you, as there are so many of them open to communication online. All you need to do is find a reliable dating site that offers to meet stunning women from Pakistan and start the talk flowing with the one you like.

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