Home Filipino Mail Order Brides — Dating & Marriage Secrets For Western Men

Filipino Mail Order Brides — Dating & Marriage Secrets For Western Men

Filipino Mail Order Brides — Dating & Marriage Secrets For Western Men

Modern relationships are no longer as they used to be, as they are overtaken by online dating. It has taken the world by storm as looking for a partner online is easier and more effective. And with growing demand, many platforms can help you find stunning Filipino brides just in a few clicks. But international relationships can be intimidating as you are not used to each other’s cultures and norms. That’s why to make it easier for both you and your future Filipino mail order wife, you need to explore the national peculiarities, values and beliefs.

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The financial aspect of getting a bride from the Philippines might be a deal-breaker for many. This is why it’s important to learn what Filipino mail order brides cost is, and what are the components of it.

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Dating site fees

For those who choose to meet gorgeous Filipino mail order brides online, the first expense of Filipino mail order brides pricing will be dating site fees. The prices for services or membership vary depending on a particular dating site you decide to join. For example, on AsiaMe dating site the prices are as follows:

  • $3.992 credits (1st payment)
  • $9.9920 credits (2nd and next payments)
  • $9616 credits
  • $399100 credits

The cost of communication services on such sites vary

Travel expenses

In the later stages of your relationship, you’ll be expected to come to visit your future wife in her hometown. Here are the main expenses that you can expect from this trip:

  1. Round-trip ticket (New York, the USA–Manila, the Philippines)—around $2,055
  2. Accommodation—around $42
  3. Food—around $14
  4. Transportation—around $20
  5. Entertainment—around $13

In total, a two-week trip to the Philippines will cost you around $3,301.

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Additional expenses

Online dating and traveling expenses are not the only ones you can expect, as there are many other little things that you pay for but often forget to take into account. These include:

  • Gifts/Flowers. Depends on the particular item you choose. The cost of a bouquet of roses in the Philippines is around $30.
  • Vacations together. A vacation in the Maldives will cost around $3,351 for a couple, but you also need to add the cost of plane tickets.
  • Bureaucratic charges. To marry in the US you need to obtain a K1 visa, which provides fees: $535 of USCIS Filing Fee, $265 of Embassy Fee, and $120 of Affidavit of Support Fee.
  • Interpreter services. Around $35-60 per hour.

Some of the additional expenses are optional, some obligatory, but regardless from that you need to make room for them in your dating budget.

Why are Filipino women looking for foreign husbands?

The popularity of Filipino mail order brides is undeniable. 46% of men who married a foreign bride from Asia in 2019 choose a Filipino woman. And at the same time, 7,134 beautiful ladies from this country chose to marry a foreign husband. Let’s explore the main reasons for that.

  • Lack of stability in relationships with local men. Unemployment and poverty rates in the Philippines make it hard for men to find well-paid jobs and therefore provide for their families.
  • Better attitude toward women in foreign countries. A typical Filipino mail order bride is not just looking for a man to spend money on her but wants to have a supportive and loving partner, who’ll treat her as an equal (and also who will support her career goals, as a lot of Filipino beauties are very hardworking).
  • Physical attraction. Many Filipino brides choose men from abroad as they tend to take care of their appearance and groom the way the brides love it. They dress more stylishly, which makes them more attractive in the eyes of girls from the Philippines.
  • Filipino women are into older men. These ladies have no problem marrying foreign men who are 6-10 years older, and they rarely connect their lives with guys who are younger. Older men are considered more established.

These are only a few key reasons, but each case might be different, and questions about why such a beautiful lady looking for love abroad can be a great start of the conversation.

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How Filipino brides make men chase them all over the world

Women of all nationalities are special in their way, and Filipino girls for marriage are no exception. According to a report, mail order brides constitute 10% of the marriages between Filipinos and foreign nationals. Western men adore young Filipino brides because they are very passionate, loving, and extremely attractive the same Cambodian wives are. If you look up gorgeous models Liza Soberano or Kelsey Merritt, you will know how stunning Filipino beauty is. Their flawless caramel skin, dark eyes, and long dark hair are so irresistible. Besides, they are generally petite and have toned bodies that are very alluring and sexy — no wonder why so many Americans dream of dating a Filipina.

Moreover, Filipino wives are sophisticated and smart, which makes them interesting companions and trustworthy partners. And their soft and, at the same time, passionate character makes them great lovers, and no one can deny that it is a crucial part of any relationship. Filipino brides have much to offer to their partner, and we bet that you will never regret having a girlfriend like that!

What to expect from typical Filipino women for marriage?

  • Their beauty is all-natural — Filipino mail order wife is a completely natural beauty. She tends to wear little makeup or none at all, and the only thing that highlights her appearance is her love for tight clothes like bodycon dresses and basic jeans-T-shirt look.
  • Career matters, but the family matters most — Even though most Filipino women for marriage are employed and working hard to help their family, they are not as career-oriented as women in the West. Girls from the Philippines consider family to be their top priority, and they are ready to sacrifice everything in the name of it. That can relate also to women from Thailand. To find out more — you can read about Thai mail order brides here.
  • Filipinas are emotional & passionate — There is a stereotype that Filipinos are shy, but that is just a huge misconception. Those stunning ladies may appear a bit reserved at first, and actually, most Asian ladies do so. But when they warm up to you, you’ll be thrilled by how they show their feelings and passion for you.
  • Undemanding wives — Unfortunately, men in the Philippines, being surrounded by such beauty, tend to neglect their women, which leads to women having to do everything by themselves. This is why Filipina ladies go abroad both to work and to escape bad relationships. But on the bright side, that is why the Filipino wife is not demanding and very appreciative when her partner helps.

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The best way to find a stunning Filipino wife

Joining a professional dating site is the best way to meet with a girl of any ethnicity you wish, whether you’d like to find Japanese wife or any other from Asian region. There are plenty of stunning Filipino brides waiting for you online. Just sign up, create a profile and dive into the world of gorgeous beauties from the Philippines. The typical services of mail order bride sites include communication, audio or video calls, and more. And don’t worry about the language barrier, as young girls tend to speak good English.

How to date Filipino girls for marriage?

Even though international marriages are really trendy right now and many celebrities and ordinary people date and marry foreign partners, the concept remains intimidating. You need to learn about each other’s cultural backgrounds, religious differences, and core values to have the best chance of forming a happy union. Here are some tips on Filipino bride dating.

Don’t act like a macho

Girls from the Philippines are smoking-hot, and local men are so spoiled that they do not consider cheating to be the most horrible sin. That is why Filipinas try to stay away from machos. That is why if you want to have a future with such a lady, don’t act like you have a lot of women chasing you. She needs to know that she is the only one for you.

Never disrespect her culture

The diversity of the world is impressive. There are so many cultures, traditions, and values. And we all should appreciate the beauty of it and respect each other’s uniqueness. Filipino girls won’t tolerate disrespectful attitudes to their country or culture. This one is higly appreciated among women from Syria, so don’t miss some valueable information in this article about Syrian brides for marriage.

Don’t try to buy her

All women love attention and getting gifts. However, taking every chance to show that you are loaded is not good manners and will only lead to assumptions that you are looking for another girl for your harem. Gorgeous Filipino mail order brides are not for sale, and there are plenty of other ways to impress her.

Note that showing her that you can provide for a good life isn’t a bad idea, but the emphasis should be on your future life together and not on economic differences.

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Lots of men are looking for someone special from the Philippines for various reasons. But the main one is that these girls are capable of changing your life for the better. They can show you true love and devotion. We hope the information we provided helped you understand if a stunning Filipina girl is the one for you.

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