Home Sri Lankan Mail Order Brides — Dating & Marriage Secrets For Western Men

Sri Lankan Mail Order Brides — Dating & Marriage Secrets For Western Men

Sri Lankan Mail Order Brides — Dating & Marriage Secrets For Western Men

Sri Lanka, which you may also know under its old name, Ceylon, is a South Asian island country. Sri Lanka has a lot to offer to tourists, but more and more foreign men focus on just one aspect of the country — the marvellous Sri Lankan mail order brides. Here is what you should know about Sri Lankan girls for marriage.

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Money, regardless of how you use it, is an essential part of every relationship start. And for international relationships, it’s extra important. If you want to be fully prepared for your search for Sri Lankan brides you need to know what are the main components of Sri Lankan mail order brides cost.

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Online dating expenses

Usually, mail order bride sites run on a credit basis. To show you a real example, let’s look at the prices on AsiaBeautyDate—a niche dating website:

  • $3.99—2 credits (1st payment)
  • $9.99—20 credits (2nd and next payments)
  • $96—16 credits
  • $399—100 credits

You can use credits on any services you like, but predominantly you need them for communication. For example, a minute of text chat is around 2 credits.

Traveling costs

The average Sri Lankan mail order brides pricing is not full without the cost of traveling. If your long-distance relationship goes well, with time you’ll want to see your bride IRL and bring her to your country. Here are all the main travel costs you can expect during your two-week trip to Sri Lanka:

  1. Round-trip ticket (New York, the USA–Colombo, Sri Lanka)—$900
  2. Accommodation—$35
  3. Food—$7.04
  4. Transportation—$2.95
  5. Entertainment—$9.56

So, on average it takes $1,664 for a two-week trip to Sri Lanka for one.

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Additional expenses

Moreover, some additional expenses may influence a final Sri Lankan crude price. They include:

  • Presents/Flowers. Around $10-25 for a bouquet and the cost of gifts depends on a particular item.
  • Bureaucratic charges. Around $920 of K1 visa fees.
  • Translator services. If needed you can hire an interpreter for around $35-60 per hour.

Sri Lankan bride expenses can vary, but we hope that we provided a general idea of how much you need to get a bride from this country.

Three things to know about Sri Lankan mail order brides

Sri Lankan brides have more advantages than you can imagine, but here are 3 most important ones.

Sri Lankan wives look beautiful and all-natural

The appearance of Sri Lankan women for marriage is somewhat similar to the beauty of other South Asian girls, but it is still very recognizable and unique. Sri Lankan brides have a deep skin tone, wavy black hair, and petite figures. Like most Filipina wives, Sri Lankan girls are very good at maintaining their beauty without any invasive procedures or exhausting diets.

All they want is a happy family

For Sri Lankan wives, family is their whole world. They fully devote themselves to their husband and their children. You will never find a woman who is more committed to her family and prepared to do anything for their happiness. Sri Lankan wives can easily sacrifice work and other aspects of their lives if they prevent them from giving their all to their loved ones.

Sri Lankan girls for marriage are modest and sensible

Growing up, most Sri Lankan women don’t have access to the finer things in life such as designer clothes and luxury vacations. However, the financial hardships of their younger years make them very smart with money in their adulthood. Women in Japan are more skillful in this field, and if you’d like to know why — check this post about Japanese mail order wife. A Sri Lankan wife knows how to make the most with whatever little she has, and it’s the quality you will grow to appreciate after being married to a Sri Lankan woman for some time.

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Top 3 qualities Sri Lankan mail order wife wants to see in a man

Sri Lankan mail order brides are focused on marrying a foreign man, but they won’t marry just anyone. They have certain requirements for the man who they plan to marry, and here are the 3 most important qualities Sri Lankan women for marriage are looking for in men.

  • Commitment. With a divorce rate of just 1.5%, Sri Lanka is a country where people stay married for as long as possible and don’t see divorce as a quick way out of a relationship. A Sri Lankan bride will expect the same commitment from you.
  • Open-mindedness. As two people who grew up in completely different parts of the world, you and your Sri Lankan bride will surely have your differences. However, instead of turning them into a big issue, you need to just accept them and your Sri Lankan bride as she is. Chinese brides for marriage would love it too.
  • Love for children. Sooner or later, you and your Sri Lankan wife will have kids. It needs to be a conscious decision for you both, and instead of just seeing having children as a necessary step for every adult, you need to genuinely love them and want to spend time with them.

What is the marriage culture like in Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka is one of the few Asian countries where arranged marriages are no longer common and most women are free to choose the man they want to marry. However, the social and economic status of the spouse still matters a lot in the country, and in most cases, the bride and the groom should belong to families of the same status. It means that a woman from humble beginnings has a very small chance of upgrading her socioeconomic status through marriage. This is not something many Sri Lankan brides are willing to accept, and that is exactly what inspires them to search for potential husbands overseas.

How to find your Sri Lankan girl for marriage

In a desire to expand her dating and marriage options, a Sri Lankan mail order bride can easily sign up to an international dating site. There, she will run her own profile and communicate with the men she finds interesting. That is why you don’t need to spend lots of time and money on traveling to Sri Lanka and can instead look for your ideal Sri Lankan mail order bride, Korean brides online, or any of your taste, from the comfort of your own home. And only after you hit it off with one of the lovely Sri Lankan girls for marriage, you can go to Sri Lanka to finally meet her in person.

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To sum up

The decision to marry a Sri Lankan mail order bride certainly takes a lot of courage, but it’s the decision that will pay off every day of your wonderful marriage to a Sri Lankan mail order bride. If you enjoy the way these women look and find that you share many of your values with them, begin your search for your perfect match today!

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