Home Syrian Mail Order Brides — Dating & Marriage Secrets For Western Men

Syrian Mail Order Brides — Dating & Marriage Secrets For Western Men

Syrian Mail Order Brides — Dating & Marriage Secrets For Western Men

Syria is a country that is mostly known around the world for its political troubles and armed conflicts that regularly shake the Syrian population. However, amidst all of that, there are thousands of Syrian brides looking for love with a foreign man. Here is what you need to know about Syrian girls for marriage.

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First of all, let’s clarify the Syrian mail order brides cost is not the price for an actual woman. The cost consists of different fixed and variable expenses of the dating process.

beautiful syrian mail bride in swimsuit

Dating site fees

The first component of the typical Syrian mail order bride pricing is the cost of services on the dating sites, as the most convenient and, well, safe way is to start dating Syrian ladies online. Some specialized platforms are membership-based, but the majority work on a credit system. For example, the current cost of credits on a popular dating website DateAsianWoman is as follows:

  • $3.99—2 credits (first payment)
  • $9.99—20 credits (for the second and next payments)
  • $96—16 credits
  • $399—100 credits

There are usually a lot of free and paid communication services that have different costs. For example, for a minute of instant text communication, you only need 2 credits. The huge benefit of such a payment type is that you control how much to spend and dating site fees are only for what you actually use.

Travel expenses

This type of expense is another important part of the Syrian bride price. As a rule, the process includes at least one trip. Here are the main expenses you may have during two weeks in Syria:

  1. Round-trip ticket (New York, the USA–Damascus, Syria)—around $728
  2. Accommodation—around $0.77
  3. Food—around $0.26
  4. Transportation—around $0.02
  5. Entertainment—around $0.09

So, the total cost for one person per 14 days in Syria is around $744. But note that the country is not the safest for traveling, so consider meeting your bride in other countries on a vacation together.

pretty syrian bride near the pool

Moreover, don’t forget that gifts, flowers, and other dating expenses also tend to add up. So, you’d better make a room for them in your budget beforehand. And, also check all the bureaucratic charges that you may need to cover. For example, to bring your Syrian fiancee you’ll need to pay K1 visa fees which are around $920.

Why are Syrian women looking for foreign husbands?

When you think about why Syrian mail order brides looking for a husband abroad, the political and economical situation in Syria puts a lot of questions away. But let’s explore some less known reasons:

  • Religious and cultural pressure on women. Muslim women from Syria are not looking for a savior. However, ‛ayb’, which means ‘shame’, and than ‘haram’, which means ‘religiously forbidden’, has often been used to influence women’s behavior. Women want to be free from a particular religious impact, and they believe that Western men can provide that.
  • Western husbands are believed to be more accepting. Syrian society is strictly patriarchal, where the main role of women is taking care of children and the house. Syrian brides who want something different tend to choose western husbands.
  • Extremely young age for marriage. Many Syrian females marry before their 18, which is a desperate response to the situation in the country. Girls who want to have some say on who to marry choose online dating and look for husbands abroad.

Desire for a better quality of life and escaping tough life are important reasons for looking for a potential partner in western countries. But most importantly, Syrian mail order brides believe that they can be happy with a Western husband and can build a happy family together.

Top 3 best things about Syrian women for marriage

If you grew up in a completely different part of the globe, you probably don’t know much about Syrian brides except for one or two random facts. But if you are searching for a life partner, you will need more than that, and here are 3 most irresistible features of Syrian mail order brides.

beautiful syrian bride enjoys sunset

Syrian girls for marriage look splendid

The beauty of Syrian wife is what attracts men to them in the first place. Syrian women are widely known for their combination of fair skin, dark hair, and striking facial features. Additionally, you can’t instantly tell, but Syrian females have some of the most feminine figures in Asia. As typical Japanese wives, women in Syria wear minimal makeup and are always dressed modestly, but despite that, you can easily tell that they are some of the most beautiful and graceful women to have ever graced our planet.

They are protective of their families

If there is one remotely positive thing that came out from the years of war in Syria, it’s that Syrian ladies became more protective of their families than ever. A Syrian woman wants her family to be happy above everything else, whatever that may require from her. Even as an adult, successful man, you can still expect your Syrian mail order wife to constantly want to know where you are, how you’re feeling, and what you need.

They strive to be better

The conflicts and political instability of the past decades in Syria influenced every aspect of life, including access to education. Over 3 million children are out of school and the situation used to be equally bad when your potential Syrian bride was growing up. However, women in Syria just as Vietnam brides understand the importance of education and self-improvement, and they will use every opportunity to become better educated.

On one hand, Syrian girls seem to be very distant and exotic. On the other hand, they are fairly popular with foreign men. Together, these two factors led to several myths that are now surrounding Syrian mail order brides.

  • They are submissive. In reality, Syrian women are perfectly capable of having their own opinion and fighting for it. However, they also understand that a strong relationship and marriage is all about being able to compromise, and they can easily do it without feeling weak and deferential.
  • They don’t want to work. For a long time, Syrian families had a traditional way of functioning where men went to work and women instead worked around the house and took care of the children. However, for understandable reasons, single Syrian ladies are now actively entering the workforce and even becoming entrepreneurs to support their families.
  • They put religion above everything else. Religion is definitely important in the life of a Syrian bride as much as for Kazakhstan mail order bride, but it’s not the main deciding factor or the most overwhelming aspect of her existence. Religion simply gives a Syrian wife some moral high ground and an ability to believe in a better future even when the current situation is depressing.

What are Syrian mail order brides looking for in men?

Syrian women for marriage don’t judge potential husbands with a long list of preferences, but they are still looking for some definitive qualities. Most of all, Syrian ladies want men who don’t make empty promises and who will always be there for them. They also want men to be accepting without any judgement. Finally, Syrian wives want husbands who are loyal to their core and will never give their wives a reason to suspect their infidelity.

Can you really meet Syrian wives online?

After hearing about the dire situation in Syria, you are probably wondering: can Syrian women actually look for love online? It’s true that not every Syrian bride has constant access to the internet, and it’s much easier to figure out how to find a Chinese wife at this point of view, but they are also very resourceful and will use every opportunity for a chance of a better life. If a Syrian mail order bride is determined to marry a foreign man, she will find a way to do it, so you can rest assured that you are actually speaking to a Syrian bride online.

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To sum up

Syria may not be the most obvious choice when it comes to searching for a foreign bride, but if you love their striking beauty and traditional values, then you don’t need a lot of convincing from us. Begin your search for your ideal Syrian mail order bride today and you will be rewarded with the most loving and loyal partner you could ever imagine.

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